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Digital Motion X-ray

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Digital Motion X-ray

Digital Motion X-ray (DMX)

We are proud to be the only office offering DMX in the Kansas City Metro. DMX allows us to take a “Video X-ray” of your spine after a crash. This is especially helpful if you have more pain when you move which is the case for most patients after a crash. For example if your neck or upper back pain increases when you look down, it is helpful to visualize your spine while looking down with the DMX.

Traditional X-rays often miss Whiplash injuries because they are designed to take a picture of a patient standing still. The International Chiropractic Association recommends DMX in patients with acute and chronic traumatic injuries or when a patient’s pain is reproduced by a specific spinal movement.

If necessary we can also send these to one of the Board Certified Medical Radiologists that read our films.

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